Skin SOS Winter Skincare

BRR! It’s getting cold and your skin is definitely taking in the consequences.
When temperatures drop and humidity lowers, the metabolism of your body declines and the functions of sebaceous glands and sweat glands lower the ability to build hydro lipid film. As a result, your skin loses its moisture and becomes flaky. Skin is the most vulnerable in the winter season, so in order to prevent any more damage from the wind and sun, here are a few quick life saving tips!

Layer up!

As noted in our skincare routine, layering up has always been beneficial for the skin but it is extremely important (especially now) to follow through the steps!

The usual products you’ve been using since the summer may not be enough to handle the harsh winds, so a change of skincare products may be necessary. In the mornings, rather than only applying a lotion as a day cream, it’s time to switch to a thicker cream - or better yet, BOTH!

At night, continue to use thicker creams so your skin needs less preparation to start in the morning. Start using more oil-based products to enhance moisture lockage into the skin for a longer duration of your day.

Avoid painful windburns and harmful UV ray reflections from the snow with sunscreen!

Apply your sunscreen after your skincare and prior to your makeup. Using both sunscreen and makeup containing SPF will help create a nice protective layer for your skin.

Use sunscreen
Stay moisturized!

In really cold environments, we tend to find ourselves taking hotter showers and clinging to the nearest heater. Both strip away any remaining moisture you have on your skin, so make sure to constantly stay moisturized!

Just showered? Moisturize! Finished washing your hands? Moisturize!

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